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With Instructors Drake Kelch and Jesse Maitland, learn how we approach creating beautiful cinematic live films for broadcast. We break down the major thought processes for approaching a cinematic live capture.

Introduction – Why should you shoot in a cinema broadcast style? What makes its cinematic and why does it matter? Learn when and why you might not want to use this. 

Chapter 1 – I need the newest and best camera right?  Wrong! You’ll learn all about choosing the right camera, lens, and settings and what really matters in creating and budgeting for your cinema broadcast package.

Chapter 2 – Scouting and planning your camera positions, tips and tools for planning locations and when to use which lenses where.  

Chapter 3 – How to direct for cinema broadcast. Learn how we train and prep our team in pre-production to ensure a successful live capture.  

Chapter 4 – Lighting for video and broadcast.  Hear how we approach lighting a performance to look dynamic for an audience but still work for video.  


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